2 Ingredient Lip Scrub

I am all about easy tips and DIY’s.  Once it gets too complicated, I’m done.  Lost interest.  No, I will NOT run to Home Depot, Target AND Michael’s to get all of the supplies to make a floating shelf.  No, thank you.

So this brings me to my 2 ingredient lip scrub.  All you need is oil and sugar.

◊   Oil options:  coconut, olive, jojoba, almond  >>> Pick one

◊   Sugar options:  brown, white (are there others?)

I used brown sugar and extra virgin olive oil.

I prefer brown sugar, because the granules are smaller and finer, so the scrub is less abrasive, which works for my lips.  If you want a stronger exfoliation, go for white sugar.  You can even mix the 2 if you’d like.

The last lip scrub I made was with coconut oil.  It was great, but it gets solid at room temperature and I wanted to try the olive oil to see if I liked the consistency and texture better…and I do.

2 Ingredient Lip Scrub

All you do is add sugar to a bowl, and then pour in enough olive oil until it thickens and sticks together. Then, mash it together with a spoon or fork until it forms a paste.  You can add a drop of vanilla extract to make it smell fantastic.  Not necessary though.

Bam.  Done.  Finito.

I use travel containers to store the scrub in.  You can also use little mason jars to put it in for yourself or for a gift.

Benefits of scrubbing your lips:

We exfoliate our faces and bodies, why not our lips?  Lips need exfoliation too, to remove the dry, dead skin cells on the surface.  This helps to get rid of any nasty flakes on your lips, which then helps your lipsticks and glosses go on smoother and last longer.

The olive oil also helps to moisturize the lips while you’re scrubbing away.

How I scrub my lips:

I just scoop up a little bit with my finger and rub the scrub on my lips for about a minute.  Then, I rinse it off with warm water, pat dry, and add a lip balm, chapstick, or ointment to them.  I really like to do this at night and then put on Aquafor Lip Repair or those EOS balm balls to moisturize my lips.

It’s best to do it 1-2 times per week.

If I’m planning on a lipstick night, I will do the scrub and lip balm before I start doing my makeup, and then will wipe off excess lip balm and put on the lipstick at the end of the makeup process.  That way, your lips will be smooth and ready for application.

2 Ingredient Lip Scrub

◊   ◊   ◊

If I’m feeling crazy lazy, I do an on the spot lip scrub.  I always keep a little container with brown sugar in my bathroom drawer, along with my always present container of coconut oil to wash my face.  I will smother my lips in coconut oil and then pick up a bit of brown sugar and do a quick scrub that way.

Do you use a lip scrub?  Any other techniques you like to do to exfoliate?

♦  Stephanie

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