Face Masks

Loving face masks right now.  I have always underestimated the importance of face masks and am now seeing the light.

I’ve just always been a fickle face masker.

I would buy a new one, use it once and then be minorly impressed by the results.  Then, I’d forget about it for a few months before I’d find it under my sink again.  I would try it out again, feel pretty meh about it and back in the cabinet it goes until it’s expired.

I’ve finally realized the importance of being consistent with it and using the correct masks at the right times.

So that would be my face mask tip…use consistently.  Maybe that’s old news to you guys, but for some reason that has always been lost on me  lol!

It makes such a HUGE difference when I face mask weekly.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

It can be a bit overwhelming when you go into the skincare section and see a million different options.  That’s why I like to pick out those sample sized face masks you can buy at Walgreens & CVS.   You can get 3-5 uses out of each little packet and they only cost a buck or 2 (they are almost always on sale).  It’s a great way to try out different types of face masks and find out what works for you.

Anti Aging Face Mask

These are also amazing to travel with.  The packaging is so slim that you can fit these things anywhere in your carry on or purse.  It’s like a face mask on the go.

The Anti-Aging Mask with almond is my favorite.  It hydrates the crap out of your skin and feels and smells soooo goooood.  Whenever I travel, I like to bring that one with me to use after I land (since airplanes dry out my skin).  This one gives my skin that supple feeling that you get after a facial.  Super hydrating.  And gets my skin vacay ready.

Brightening Sheet Mask

I recently tried the brightening sheet mask and loved the results.  It’s supposed to help with any hyperpigmentation from scarring or otherwise.  Not only did I notice results, but it felt pretty therapeutic to use.  When you’re done, you can leave the leftover serum on  your face to treat your skin while you sleep.

These sample sized masks are a great way to try a lot of different types of face masks without committing to a whole bottle.

I even came across this great article about “multi-masking”…ie using different types of face masks on different parts of your face.  This way if you have combination skin you can cater to each area.  You can use a moisturizing mask on the dry areas and detoxifying mask on breakout zones.

◊   ◊   ◊

What face masks do you like to use?  I’ve been dying to try those GlamGlow’s from Sephora but haven’t gotten around to it.  If you’ve tried those, are they worth it?

♦ Stephanie

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