My 10 Favorite Ways to Use Coconut Oil

I’ve touched on Coconut Oil before and how I think everybody needs it in their home at all times, but I wanted go into a little more detail about my 10 favorite ways that I use coconut oil on a regular basis.

1.  Makeup Remover

This is, by far, my favorite way to remove makeup.  It takes off foundation and waterproof mascara and everything in between.  After the makeup is removed, I use it as….

2.  Face Wash

This may not work for everyone, because everybody’s skin is different, but this has been a game changer for me.  I will slather it on my face and either use my fingers to massage it in or my Clarisonic.  Then I use a baby washcloth to rinse it all off.  I use coco oil most of the time and then once or twice a week I use a gentle face cleanser.  For me, this has been pretty magical for my skin.  But definitely be sure to test it out before you’re all gung ho with it.

Coconut Oil for Beauty

3.  Hair Mask

About once a month I like to completely cover my hair with it and then leave it in for at least an hour while wearing a shower cap.  After an hour or so (some people like to sleep with it in), wash it out…like, 3 times.  I’ve done it where I only washed twice and my hair still looked greasy, so make sure it’s really clean.  No conditioner necessary.  Your hair will look and feel so silky.

4.  Cuts and Scrapes

I like to use it on any cuts or scrapes to help it heal faster.  It works like Neosporin, keeping the scrape moisturized.

5.  Tame Fly Aways

I will use it sparingly if I need to control some fly aways.

6.  Moisturizer

If you’re looking for an oil moisturizer for your body, this one is pretty great.  It definitely takes a while to dry so make sure you have some extra time when you do this….a good time to do this would be while you’re doing your hair mask.

Coconut Oil for Cooking

7.  Making eggs

With all of the health benefits that come along with consuming coconut oil, I like to add it where I can.  I found that I love to scramble or fry my eggs with it.  It gives it a sweeter taste, for sure, and I love it.

8.  In coffee

I loooovvveee adding coco oil to my coffee.  I will use a small spoonful and stir it in.  Not only do you get the health benefits, but your lips will be so soft and moisturized afterwards.

9.  As a lip scrub with brown sugar

Speaking of lips….while I’m washing my face I like to put the coconut oil on my lips and then add a little brown sugar and give them a good scrub.  I keep a cute little tub of brown sugar in my bathroom drawer.  This give my lips a great exfoliation and then I moisturize with more coconut oil or one of my favorite lip balms.  Right now I’m digging Aquafor.

10.  Soften cuticles

I like to use cuticle oil when I remember to.  When my cuticles dry out, I get the most painful hang nails.  But being a busy lady, I don’t always remember to pick up cuticle oil (i.e. never).  Coconut oil is the perfect substitute to hydrate your cuticles.

Coconut Oil for Moisturizing

Coconut oil is my #1 go to beauty product.  I always bring some with me when I travel.  It covers so many bases that I don’t need to pack as many products

What are your favorite ways to use coconut oil?  I am always looking for new ways to incorporate it into my life, so please share!

♦ Stephanie

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