Mario Badescu Silver Powder and Biore Strips

I wanted to fill you guys in on a little skincare pair up that has been working for me lately…silver powder and pore strips ladies & gentlemen.

Lately, I had been hearing a lot about Mario Badescu Silver Powder.  I really like some of the Mario Badescu products I’ve been trying…this one and especially this one (I will get into these in a later post). The reviews I was hearing about silver powder sounded promising so I thought I would give it a try.  The product description says it will remove blackheads, and I even heard in some reviews that it can remove milia as well (Milia are tiny white bumps or small cysts on the skin).  I will occasionally get milia around my eyes if I use a new skin product that does not agree with me (I have crazy sensitive skin).  If you ever get a facial or see a dermatologist they can remove milia with a needle in no time.

Anyway, back to the silver powder.  Here is the description…

For excessive, stubborn blackheads, this oil absorbent powder will help to unclog congested pores. Prevents blackheads and promotes a healthier complexion. You will see a remarkable difference after one application.”

Biore and Silver Powder

How To Use Silver Powder:

1.  Dampen a cotton ball and dip into the powder

2.  Then press the powder onto the pores with blackheads

3.  Wait 10 minutes

4.  Remove with toner/astringent or water (it can be a little difficult to get off)

 ◊   ◊   ◊

So no more blackheads, right?  Wrong!  I noticed the blackheads were still there, but seemed to loosen/shrink and rise to the surface.  I was kinda anticipating it to just remove them completely (by some sort of dissolving magic I suppose?), so I was a little disappointed.  But they seriously looked like they were just dying to come out.  Then off went the lightbulb.  I had recently bought some of those pore strips that were really popular back in the day (I don’t know about the rest of you but it had completely fallen off of my radar).  After I removed the silver powder, I just popped on the pore strip for 10 minutes, then removed it and TA-DA!

Best Way to Remove Blackheads

When I combined the silver powder with the pore strip, holy crap was I impressed!  I felt like I came across some amazing combo that everyone needed to know about yesterday.  I think twice as many blackheads were removed when using this combination vs. just using the pore strips alone.  And it was way more effective than just using the silver powder.

I would 100% recommend the Walgreens pore strip brand over the Biore brand though.  I bought the Biore strips because they were having a great sale, but they are not nearly as good IMO.  I have very sensitive and dry skin and the Biore strips removed the blackheads along with layers of my skin, whereas the Walgreens pore strips just removed the blackheads.  The job still gets done, but I know it can be done better.  And who doesn’t want better…and cheaper?  I will finish this pack off, but will be going back to the Walgreens brand after that.

Has anyone else tried silver powder and have any tips?  If you try this little combo, let me know how impressed you are  :)

♦ Stephanie

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