Fine Dimes: Miami Times…And My 2 Travel Must Haves

Fine Dimes: Miami Times | The Bombshell Files

So this is a day late and a buck short, but I wanted to post some pics from the holidays in Miami AND share some must haves when traveling.

Christmas Eve | The Bombshell Files

{The first full day we were there was Christmas Eve/Noche Buena.  J’s Aunt always throws a big party, with tons of people, great food, and a fun band.  And the only picture I got from the night was of the tree.  But it was gorge.}

Travel Must Haves:

2 of my travel must haves these days are my kindle and podcasts.  I used to get so bored on flights because I’d either pack a book that I wasn’t that into, or get tired of my playlists…or forget to download my amazon songs onto my phone, which apparently you can’t access 40,000 ft in the air.  But these 2 little lifesavers have been gold.  Now, I look forward to fly days where I can just read or listen, uninterrupted for hours :)

I’m not sure why I got a kindle so late in the game, but color me obsessed.   I feel like everybody blows up books, like, oh my god nothing beats holding a paper book, kindles just aren’t the same.  Which okay, I get it, but the ease of a kindle wins in my mind by a freaking landslide.

Not only are they ridiculously light and portable, you can get new books so easily.  I always keep it in my purse.  It’s great to pull out in a waiting room or when you’re taking a break at work.  Oh! and how easy is it to hold one of those when reading in bed?  I just love.  I find myself reading so much more and I know the convenient factor is playing a huge part in that.

Kindle By The Water | The Bombshell Files

{Reading The Cartel by Don Winslow}

And podcasts!  Where were these when I was living in Chicago taking the L and buses all the time?

Now, I listen to them on my drives to and from work.

Currently LOVING The Joe Rogan Experience.

Joe Rogan is the host/interviewer and he has so many great guests.  He gets guests from all walks of life.  He has comedians, professors, psychologists, and so many interesting people.  He is also an MMA fighter host so he has a lot of those guys on his show, but I’m not too into those so I usually skip to the other episodes.  But he’s been doing 3-4 shows per week for the last 6 years, so he has a shit ton of shows to listen to.  And he’s a really great host because he has so many interests all across the board and always asks his guests the questions you want to ask.

Can you tell I love that podcast?

It’s been keeping me entertained for months.  But I am definitely open to new ones too!  Any good ones out there I’m missing?  I am planning on checking out Tim Ferriss’ podcast.  I hear he’s super motivating and has a lot of business/productivity wisdom.

Now back to the Miami trip:

Hibiscus Champagne | The Bombshell Files

{My sis-in-law made these gorgeous champagne/hibiscus drinks on Christmas morning}

New Years Nail Polish | The Bombshell Files

{The prettiest rose-y nail polish I picked for my toes on New Years}

New Years Eve | The Bombshell Files

{Me and J before the ball dropped.  I chose athleisure for my New Years attire}

Grapes At Midnight | The Bombshell Files

{Gotta eat those 12 grapes the first minute of the New Year.  Pretty sure I forgot all about that and just casually ate them while watching fireworks}

One of the big highlights for me on this trip (randomly) was the Pitbull New Year’s Party.  I guess he hosted this event last New Year’s and it’s becoming a tradition.  So, I kind of love Pitbull (it’s a secret love not many people know about) AND we would be able to view/hear the concert from my father-in-law’s apartment.  I was super pumped!  I get to enjoy the New Years celebration in the comfort of our apartment in my athleisure attire.  Yes, please.

Then, it ended with fireworks (my fave, duh).  But can we talk about how hard it is to take good pictures of fireworks??  Is it just me?  My pics always end up looking smoky and not impressive.  Sorry guys, no firework pics.

All in all, great times!

◊   ◊   ◊

Don’t forget to let me know about any podcasts you are loving!

♦ Stephanie

2 Ingredient Valentine’s Recipe …Pink Fudge <3

VDay Pink Fudge | The Bombshell Files

I ran across this super simple (here and here), 2 ingredient recipe, that was just too perfect for VDay.

Now I’m not a big blow out decorator for the holidays, but I do get into holiday foods.

And the easier it is, the better, right?

So this isn’t the healthiest…and by that I mean, there is absolutely no redeeming healthy qualities about this at all.  But it is delicious. And I can’t emphasize enough, the greatness that is a 2 ingredient recipe.

Here’s what you need →

Pink Fudge Ingredients | The Bombshell Files


♥ Strawberry Frosting

♥ White Chocolate Chips

♥ Sprinkles (I was wanting heart sprinkles, but you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got ;))

Pink Fudge | The Bombshell Files


♥ Melt the white chocolate

♥ Mix in the strawberry frosting

♥ Spread into a lightly greased pan

♥ Sprinkle away

♥ Let it sit and chill in the refrigerator for 3o minutes.

SO quick and easy.  And such a fun little treat if you want to get into the holiday spirit.

Hope you have a great VDay!

♦ Stephanie

Fine Dimes: It’s the Little Things

Here’s a recap of some little things I’ve been loving lately.

Ulta and Sephora Birthday Gifts
Ulta and Sephora Beauty Gifts | The Bombshell Files{New favorite lip products in classic colors.  And who can’t use an Urban Decay mascara?}

I know a million and one places want you to sign up with them to be a member, but Ulta and Sephora are worth it.  If you are not signed up with these guys, you at least have to do it for the birthday gifts.  Every year, the gift is something that I’ve been wanting to try, or something I didn’t know about that ended up being fantastic.  Always a win.  Do it.

Honey Whiskey

Honey Whiskey | The Bombshell Files

You guyyyyysssss.  So good.  My old standby fave drink of life has been vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon…for YEARS.  But this drink snuck into my life and majorly surprised me.  Just a shot of honey whiskey, topped off with sparkling water and bam! it tastes like a delicious cream soda with a whiskey buzz. 

Europe Things

Euro Things | The Bombshell Files

Here are a few little things I picked up in Europe.  Since we were traveling by backpack, anything I picked up had to be small and light because I would literally be carrying it on my back.  One thing I knew I wanted from the get go was Murano glass from Venice.  So I picked up this gorgeous little perfume bottle. Then, when we were in Paris (I will get to this post soon), I saw Nuxe oil for $13 (!!!) I HAD to get it. I tried a sample of it once and really liked it.  I like to use it on my face at night (smells so good), on the ends of my hair and on my cuticles. I also I grabbed this necklace in Brussels from the store Brandy Melville.  Have you heard of it??  I know they’re in the states, but the first time I’d ever seen it was in Europe.  And they were all over the place there. It reminded me of Forever 21, and I was obsessing over the jewelry section there. I had packed minimal jewelry, so I was ready for a little flair. And of course, I bought a little magnet of Dutch clogs from Amsterdam.  I was crushing hard on that city and just needed something that screamed Amsterdam.

Fall Decor Details

Fall Decor | The Bombshell Files

I’m not a crazy, themed out decorator.  That just seems like a lot of work.  But, I will add a few touches when the mood strikes.  I was walking into Trader Joe’s the other day and they had all these cute pumpkin’s and squash, so I grabbed a few to be festive.

Pink Jeep

Hot Pink Jeep | The Bombshell Files

Saw this hot pink doll on the drive home from work the other day ♥


Quote | The Bombshell Files

I follow Shay Mitchell on instagram because, Pretty Little Liars.  She posted this quote the other day and I loved it.

◊   ◊   ◊

Hope you guys are doing well!  I can’t believe the holiday season is right around the corner.  Any fun plans in the coming months??

♦ Stephanie

5 Creepy Movies for Halloween Vibes


My favorite part about Halloween is all of the scary/creepy movies that are on Netflix and TV. Scary movies are the best and I have been going at it pretty hard this month. We’ve all seen and loved the classics, but I like to check out some of the newer flicks and get that adrenaline going. Here are a few movies that I rounded up that you should check out if you plan on staying in this Halloween with a glass of wine (because what sounds better than that?)

Lazarus Effect

Olivia Wilde’s character, her fiance, and their medical team are trying to bring the dead back to life with evil results.  This one falls in the demonic possession category of horror movies.  Very entertaining.


This movie had incredibly disturbing imagery.  And I screamed several times. In my basement.  With all the lights on.  Probably because the movie’s really dark, like, visually dark.  So every scene you’re waiting for something or someone to just appear.  Ethan Hawke is in this and he’s a famous true crime writer looking to write his next big hit.  He moves his family into the home of the victims he’s writing about and comes across some super disturbing snuff films and tries to solve the mystery.   Ugh major chills.

Would You Rather?

This one was pretty….fucked up.  But I love Brittany Snow, so I will always watch any movie with her in it. A really rich guy gathers a group of people at his home.  All of them are in need of money and are going through tough times.  He tells them that they are going to play a little game, and the winner will get rewarded with money and have everything taken care of.  And this little game is HUGELY disturbing.


Another psychological thriller (my favorite).  Amelia Pond aka Karen Gillan is in it and she and her brother are trying to prove that a haunted mirror was the cause of their parents possession and death.  This one gave me that uncomfortable/nervous feeling, which I love, is that weird?


I haven’t seen this one yet, but dolls scare the crap out of me, so this one’s on my list to watch

And here are some of my absolute favorites:


This movie scared the shit out of me.  It’s one of those psychological thrillers that stuck with me for a while after I saw it.  I remember not wanting to leave the safety of my blanket and sofa.  I hadn’t had a movie do that to me since I was kid getting traumatized by Child’s Play…Chucky’s such a jerk.

Skeleton Key

This is, all around,  a fantastic movie.  I was pretty blown away the first time I saw.  It’s one of those movies I wish I haven’t seen yet so I can watch it like it’s my first time and get that same feeling.  Soooo good.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

This movie was surprisingly awesome.  It’s not scary at all, but hilarious.  100% worth watching.

◊   ◊   ◊

What are some of your favorite, more current, scary movies??  I’m obviously obsessively watching them this month, so fill me in!

♦  Stephanie

{picture credit}


10 Favorite Fall Things

I compiled a little list of fun, fall things to get excited about for the season.    I don’t want to call it a bucket list because the idea of a bucket list stresses me out.  I mean, I don’t want to feel bad because I didn’t get to do something on my list.  No thanks, I don’t need any added stress.

BUT I do like to have these ideas floating about in case I’m feeling uninspired by the impending frigid temps.  It gives me something to look forward to and appreciate about fall.  Time to embrace the fall season and get excited.

◊ Seasonal Food & Drinks

I like to add pumpkin pie spice to my overnight oats and coffee.  I do this throughout the year, but really get at it in the fall.

AND pumpkin beer and cider (!!!)

Just like I look forward to the Summer Shandy’s, I get equally excited about pumpkin beer and my new fave, cider.

◊ Fall fashion & makeup

Fall fashion is my favorite.  I seriously think I look my most chic this time of year.  With sexy little boots and scarves and sleek shapes, I fucking love it.  I’m big into neutrals, but I really love the jewel tones that come with fall fashion.  And playing around with new berry lipsticks is always hot.

◊ Fall scents

I love setting the fall mood in my house with scents.  You can play around with some new essential oils for your diffuser.   And I also love the old stand bys, glade plugins and candles. Take a walk down the candle aisles at the store and pick out a few fall inspired smells.

◊ Plan a trip somewhere warm

Every year, my husband and I go to Miami for one of the holidays (Christmas or Thanksgiving, we alternate every year), to visit family and soak in the sun.  So this is something I get excited about.  There’s nothing better than going somewhere warm and beautiful when it’s pretty damn dreary.

To make this less specific to my situation, just planning a trip, in general, gives you something to look forward to.

◊ Wineries

I love the wineries in Missouri.  It’s so much fun to bring a bunch of food and have a boozey weekend with some friends, a beautiful view, and crisp temps.

◊ Oktoberfest

I would love to do the real deal Oktoberfest in Germany, but the one in St. Louis can be pretty fun too ; )

◊ Make the house cozy

I like to add blankets and pillows everywhere, light candles, pull out the fuzzy socks and slippers, and just cozy up the house.

◊ Concert or comedy show

I aim to see a concert every couple of months.  I fall hard for live music.  It’s something I look forward to and I like to keep my eye out for the next show I want to see.

And stand up comedy is always a good time.  Last Halloween, I went to see Dave Chappelle and it was probably one of the best Halloween’s to date.

◊ Get scared via movie / TV / book

Since Halloween is around the corner, I like getting scared and freaking myself out.  Is that weird??  I love all the scary movies that are on TV right now and American Horror Story is always good.  This year I might try reading It.  We’ll see if I can handle it.

◊ Fall TV

Survivor, anyone?

Fall Favorites

◊   ◊   ◊

So these are few fall things that I will be looking forward to.  Take advantage of the city you live in and scope out what’s going on for the season.  What are some of your fall favorites??

♦ Stephanie