3rd Piece Rule – Secret to Looking Your Best. Dressed.

I came across an article about the 3rd piece rule and I loved it!

Nordstrom, Madewell, Banana Republic and a few other retail shops have this rule for their employees so they always look on trend. They have to wear an outfit comprised of at least 3 pieces, not including their shoes.  Pants and a top count as 1 and 2 (the base of the outfit).  Then they have to add a 3rd piece (you can even add a 4th and 5th piece) to create interest/style to their look.   This can be a hat, vest, scarf, kimono (current fave), cardigan, sassy jacket or a statement necklace.  Adding this extra piece gives a bit of interest to an otherwise ordinary look, making you look more put together.   Using this rule will force you to get a little creative with your look and make you feel that much more bomb.

Looking back on it, whenever I have unknowingly followed this rule, I have always felt I looked my best.

Here’s a few examples I found on Pinterest:

3rd piece: hat

3rd piece: hat

3rd piece:  leather jacket

3rd piece: leather jacket

3rd piece:  kimono

3rd piece: kimono

3rd piece:  maxi 4th piece:  necklace

3rd piece: hat
4th piece: necklace

What do you think of this rule?  Will you start incorporating it when you put together your daily look?  Any other rules you ride and die by?  Fill me in!

♦ Stephanie

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