5 Creepy Movies for Halloween Vibes


My favorite part about Halloween is all of the scary/creepy movies that are on Netflix and TV. Scary movies are the best and I have been going at it pretty hard this month. We’ve all seen and loved the classics, but I like to check out some of the newer flicks and get that adrenaline going. Here are a few movies that I rounded up that you should check out if you plan on staying in this Halloween with a glass of wine (because what sounds better than that?)

Lazarus Effect

Olivia Wilde’s character, her fiance, and their medical team are trying to bring the dead back to life with evil results.  This one falls in the demonic possession category of horror movies.  Very entertaining.


This movie had incredibly disturbing imagery.  And I screamed several times. In my basement.  With all the lights on.  Probably because the movie’s really dark, like, visually dark.  So every scene you’re waiting for something or someone to just appear.  Ethan Hawke is in this and he’s a famous true crime writer looking to write his next big hit.  He moves his family into the home of the victims he’s writing about and comes across some super disturbing snuff films and tries to solve the mystery.   Ugh major chills.

Would You Rather?

This one was pretty….fucked up.  But I love Brittany Snow, so I will always watch any movie with her in it. A really rich guy gathers a group of people at his home.  All of them are in need of money and are going through tough times.  He tells them that they are going to play a little game, and the winner will get rewarded with money and have everything taken care of.  And this little game is HUGELY disturbing.


Another psychological thriller (my favorite).  Amelia Pond aka Karen Gillan is in it and she and her brother are trying to prove that a haunted mirror was the cause of their parents possession and death.  This one gave me that uncomfortable/nervous feeling, which I love, is that weird?


I haven’t seen this one yet, but dolls scare the crap out of me, so this one’s on my list to watch

And here are some of my absolute favorites:


This movie scared the shit out of me.  It’s one of those psychological thrillers that stuck with me for a while after I saw it.  I remember not wanting to leave the safety of my blanket and sofa.  I hadn’t had a movie do that to me since I was kid getting traumatized by Child’s Play…Chucky’s such a jerk.

Skeleton Key

This is, all around,  a fantastic movie.  I was pretty blown away the first time I saw.  It’s one of those movies I wish I haven’t seen yet so I can watch it like it’s my first time and get that same feeling.  Soooo good.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

This movie was surprisingly awesome.  It’s not scary at all, but hilarious.  100% worth watching.

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What are some of your favorite, more current, scary movies??  I’m obviously obsessively watching them this month, so fill me in!

♦  Stephanie

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