Fine Dimes: Loving Lately

( Loving tulips lately )

( Loving tulips lately!  I picked these up when my in laws came into town earlier this month.  I think yellow is my jam )

I wanted to talk about a few things I have been using and loving for the past few months.  And if I’m loving it, I gotta spread the word.

So first things first…



Okay.  Let’s talk about Balsamic Glaze (Blaze in this case).  I love regular balsamic vinegar.  I will add it to my avocado toast, eggs, or tomato and mozzarella << one of my favorite after work snacks. Then, about a month ago, I heard about balsamic glaze.  I went out and found this one at my local grocery store.  It’s more concentrated, less messy, and tastes better than regular balsamic vinegar IMO.    So I have made the switch and have been using Blaze on the reg.  Oh ya, and the consistency of it let’s you make fancy designs on your food.  Double win.


This playlist is awesome.  I found it through my favorite blogger girl that I’ve mentioned before.  I have been listening to it while I’m at work, while doing my hair, while cleaning, or putting it on when we’re cooking dinner. It’s the best playlist for any mood.  Definitely check it out.


I got these teeeeeeeny tiny La Mer samples at Nordstrom a few months ago.  The tub one is about the size of a quarter.  These babies are small.  Of course I grabbed one because everybody talks about how amazing they are.  I’ve seen La Mer on top ‘best moisturizer’ lists for years.  And there is a reason why.  I loved using these.  I started using the heavier moisturizer (the one in the tub).  My skin was still incredibly dry from the winter and this felt so rich and thick.  It made my skin feel silky smooth and hydrated.  My only problem was that it was so thick that I was really tugging on my skin to spread it around.  All of that tugging and pulling cannot be good for wrinkles.  The other bottle of moisturizer had a thinner consistency, perfect for the warmer months.  You can use it as an eye cream too.  It glides on super easily.  Again, I loved the smell and how it made my skin feel.  So these guys are a definite win.  HOWEVER,  I will never pay $300 for a moisturizer, so there will have to be some crazy amazing sale for me to purchase these.  Or maybe I’ll just keep my eye out for more sample giveaways.


Another fine food dime ; ) My friend introduced me to this salad dressing a few years ago.  When she told me about it, it was the first time I had heard about it and it completely changed my salad game.  It’s pretty much the only dressing I use.  And last week we were just randomly talking about how great it was (it’s that good) and she was telling me that a lady at the grocery store saw it in her cart and was raving about it too. It was at that moment that I thought I better share this with you guys, just in case someone’s dressing world needs to be rocked.

◊    ◊    ◊

Those are some things I have been loving lately.   Let me know if you get to try some of them out, or have already tried any of these already.

I just got back in town from a weekend in Nashville with a group of college friends.  I will have to do a recap of that trip and let you know how much I am loving HomeAway.  This may be the only way I travel from now on.

♦ Stephanie

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