view from the balcony

( view from the balcony )

I’m gonna make Fine Dimes a section of the blog where I post little fun/weird/interesting/random/pretty things I come across from my week.  This first one is mostly from my trip to Miami.  My husband is from Miami, so we went down there to spend the holidays with the family.  I am a little bit late on this one (3 weeks…but who’s counting?).  We had a great time and I wanted to share some fine dimes I came across while we were there.

rose jam from romania

( rose petal jam from romania )

I can’t even get over how good this rose petal jam was.  It sounds pretty weird, like, why oh why would I eat jam that tastes like a flower?  But let me tell ya, it is freaking fantastic.  It had a light scent of a rose, but it was sweet, and it was the perfect addition to the croissants we were eating.  I would put it on absolutely any type of bread…english muffins, biscuits, toast, and the list can go on.  At one point we had it on biscuits with the jam and some bacon.  Maybe not the healthiest, but I give myself a little leeway on the holidays.  Rumor had it we could only find this little dime in Romania, but I had a feeling Amazon would come through for me.

( view from lunch )

( view from lunch )

My sis-in-law was about to take a pic of me and J and this was an accidental shot she took beforehand, and I LOVED it!  I feel like it captured the chill essence of the day.

( yummy little sumpin )

( yummy little sumpin sumpin )

This was a new beer we tried, Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale.  It was pretty tasty!  I may or may not like the name more than the taste…jury’s still out.

Does anyone have any fun holiday plans/traditions?  I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner!

♦ Stephanie

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