FINE DIMES: Winter Edition

Chicago View

( View of Chicago from our hotel )

Okay, I am back on my Fine Dimes game.  Here is a little glimpse of what I’ve been doing and loving lately.

While we were in Miami for Thanksgiving, we found out our really good friend was having a birthday party 2 weeks later.  His wife wanted me and J to come up to Chicago (where we all went to college together) to surprise him.  Chicago is about a 5 hour drive from St. Louis and we hadn’t been up there in just over a year.  We like to get up there at least once a year now that we live so close.  We freaking love Chicago (more so in the summer), but I feel like we always end up there in the dead of winter…still a good time, but damn cold, bring a hat.

So we booked a hotel on the river and it was great!  The only pictures I got of the whole trip was this view from our room (I’m the worst!  New goal:  Take. More. Pictures.).  We got a corner room, so the view was fantastic.

Then I finally ate at one of J’s favorite restaurants there, Gibson’s, where I had the best lobster bisque of my life. Like, it might have actually ruined all other lobster bisque for me.

Anyway, we had a lot of fun this trip and ended up seeing a bunch of our friends.

The drive to and from Chicago is usually a drag, but me and J both heard about the Serial podcast (my first ever podcast) right before we were about to leave.  J downloaded the episodes and it made the drive fly by.  I mean, we could not stop listening.  It’s about a murder case in 1999 of an 18 year old high school girl.  Her ex boyfriend was convicted of her murder and is still in jail for it, but the podcast explores the case and what may have been missed in the trial.  When we were having dinner at Gibson’s, we pretty much talked about Serial the majority of the time LOL  And we kept bringing it up the whole trip and were actually excited for our drive back to finish up the series.  We told everybody we know that they need to listen to it immediately, and the ones that have are equally obsessed.  Sooo….you’re welcome.

Loving this scent and the pretty bottle it comes in. I am planning on keeping the bottle when it’s finished and using it as a vase for some sort of flower or plant life.

( 2015 Planner & Heart Notebook )

( 2015 Planner & Heart Notebook )

Back in January, I ran in to Target on my lunch break to get a monthly calendar and found this flowered one for 99 cents.   Super cute and crazy cheap.  I can’t find it online, but it was in the dollar section right when you walk into the store.  Later that week, I was on an Office Depot run for work and saw this little heart notebook and it spoke to me.  So I grabbed it and made it my blog planner.  Each page has a cute little gray heart in the corner.  It’s the little things  : )

I had been wanting an oil diffuser for the longest time. I did some research and asked J for one for Christmas.  I am all about good scents in my house and this diffuser is also a little humidifier (great for the winter).  He got me the diffuser and this starter kit.

I use lavender at night to help with relaxation and chilling out.  Plus, I just love lavender (I think that was the main reason I wanted one of these).  Anyway, I was feeling nauseous around New Years ( I think I was getting sick from all of the traveling I was doing), and I looked up “what essential oil is good for nausea?” and found that peppermint is supposed to help with that.  I gave it a shot, and I’m not sure if it was a placebo effect, or the crackers I was eating, or the oil, but I definitely felt better.   I also found a floral essential oil set on Amazon that I am so excited about getting.  I’m kinda obsessing over rose smells lately.

My healthy, easy, breakfast this week…and most weeks.  I will have a post up shortly about how to make this. I love topping it off with different fruits to keep it interesting.  This week – blackberries.

I am definitely going to start posting more Fine Dimes on here because I am always finding little awesome gems that hopefully one of you will want to try out too.

♦ Stephanie

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