Okay guys, I am very excited about rebounding… aka jumping on a mini trampoline.

Rebounding has quickly become my new favorite workout.

It’s the workout I’ve always wanted but never really thought about.

First things first, rebounder’s are easy and accessible.  Which is wayyyy up there on my ‘must have’ list when it comes to new habits.

This great workout doesn’t require you to leave your house, or pay for a super expensive piece of equipment. It doesn’t take up too much space, it’s light enough to move around your place, and it’s actually pretty fun.

Just wait til I get to the health benefits (!!!)

NASA uses rebounding for their astronauts.  After only 14 days in space they can lose 15% of their bone and muscle mass and they use a rebounder to help reverse the damage.  You can read more about that here.

If it’s good enough for NASA it’s good enough for me.

I’ve been reading up on tons of different sites and have consistently been coming across these health benefits:

◊  It aids in lymphatic circulation, which can help remove toxins << I will talk about the importance of this in a future post

◊  Gives you an energy boost

◊  It helps improve your balance

◊  It great for the skeletal system and improving bone mass

◊  Helps with digestion

◊  It’s a low impact workout

◊  It works out your entire body

◊  It’s considered a cellular exercise and is said to stimulate all the cells of the body

If you want to learn about even more benefits (because there are a TON) check out this site.

I came across this site for a 6 week program if you wanted to follow a routine.

Rebounder with a timer and resistance bands

(I bought my rebounder here.   It came with a timer & jump counter and it also came with resistance bands that you can attach to it, although I haven’t used those yet)

Rebounder Counter

When do I use it…

I currently keep my rebounder in the living room.  Having it in the living room makes jumping on it beyond easy.  Since this is one of the main hotspots in my house, I pass by it all of the time.  In the morning, after drinking my lemon water, I will jump for about 5 minutes.  It gets the lymph system moving first thing in morning, which is so important.  Then when I get home from work, I will jump for a few minutes on it.  I am always pretty beat right when I get home from the office, so this gives me some energy when I need it most.  Then after dinner,  I might throw on a tv show (like a Real Housewives…let’s be honest) and I will try to get at least 10 minutes in.  It’s so convenient for my lifestyle.  And if one room is occupied or you need a change of scenery, it takes no time at all to pick it up and move it to another room.  I actually would love to have one of these in my office so I could do 5 minutes on it every hour. The energy boost from it would definitely make me more productive.

I’ve been rebounding for the past 4 or 5 weeks, anywhere from 5-20 minutes per day.  And I am definitely feeling trimmer.  I did not take any “before” measurements, but I can tell my core has tightened and I have noticed a difference in my energy levels.  I am really loving how easy it is to jump without having to pack up a gym bag and drive somewhere, or dress for the weather outside before you go out for a walk or run.  And the easier something is, the more likely I am to stick with it.  And so far, this feels like something I will be doing for a while.

◊   ◊   ◊

Do you guys rebound?  If so, in what ways have you benefitted from it?  I kind of have a thing for my little trampoline : )

♦ Stephanie

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