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I have been all about coffee table accessories lately.  My family room has a black & white theme going on with gold accents and touches of royal blue and purple.  I love the black/white/gold theme, but adding just a bit of color has made a great impact << just thought I’d throw that little tidbit at ya.  So I wanted to carry my little color theme over to my coffee table and jazz it up a little.

Here is my current list for styling a sexy little coffee table:

1.  Kate Moss Coffee Table Book

I love coffee table books because they can be used like trays (to display some other gorgeous home decor details), but they are also interesting for guests or you to look at too.  I have been wanting this Kate Moss book for some time now.  Not only does the book go with my black & white look, but Kate Moss is a bad ass mega babe.

2.  Silver Playing Cards

So I mentioned that I have a lot of gold accents, and I found some gold playing cards too (which you can find here), but I felt my family room was getting a little too matchy matchy with all my gold details that are already in it.  I think all metallics go really well together, so I thought I would change it up with these silver cards.  Another fun and interesting decor detail that you can use and play with when you have friends over.

3.  Crystal/Agate Bookends

I am very much into the crystal and agate look.  I have been wanting those agate coasters I have been seeing all over the place but cannot bring myself to throw down $100 for them.  If I see a cheaper alternative I will be all over that.  Anyway, these bookends would go on my coffee table.  I would put one on my Kate Moss book and one on the actual coffee table.  I like playing with different heights to mix up the look.

4.  Marble Bowl

I just bought this tiny marble bowl.  It’s meant for salt or herbs but I added some colorful crystals to it instead.  I had the crystals lying around from a succulent project I was doing last year, but when they arrived there were only, like, 7 of them in there. Not enough for my cacti, but they ended up looking fantastic in this marble bowl.

5.  Copper Candlesticks

For this, I would probably only get one candlestick (the tallest one) and choose a colorful candle (one in your accent color, or a classic white would look good too).  I like these because of their shape and of course it’s another metallic addition, which are pretty much the best ever.

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Other coffee table decor ideas would be, candles, oil diffusers, flowers, picture frames, and I am really loving these crystal dice.

I’m so excited to finally be updating some stuff around the house.   When living with a guy, it can be hard to find a decorating aesthetic you both like.  I was always going down the neutral road and was getting pretty bored with it.  But I was reading a tip on one of my favorite blogs, that she likes to mix masculine and feminine pieces.  And this made so much sense to me (!!!) Now I can get my girly game on while still keeping my husband happy with the look.  I have been having way more fun decorating while going down this route.

Do you have any good decorating tips?  I plan on working on my bookshelves in the family room next.  And I’m almost finished with a little gallery wall I’ve been putting together. Any areas of the home you guys are sprucing up?

And if you have 30 seconds you should take this quiz.  You pick 5 images and it tells you your home decor style.  I got Vegas Baby and a touch Urban!  Love it ♥

♦ Stephanie

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