Fine Dimes: It’s the Little Things

Here’s a recap of some little things I’ve been loving lately.

Ulta and Sephora Birthday Gifts
Ulta and Sephora Beauty Gifts | The Bombshell Files{New favorite lip products in classic colors.  And who can’t use an Urban Decay mascara?}

I know a million and one places want you to sign up with them to be a member, but Ulta and Sephora are worth it.  If you are not signed up with these guys, you at least have to do it for the birthday gifts.  Every year, the gift is something that I’ve been wanting to try, or something I didn’t know about that ended up being fantastic.  Always a win.  Do it.

Honey Whiskey

Honey Whiskey | The Bombshell Files

You guyyyyysssss.  So good.  My old standby fave drink of life has been vodka soda with a squeeze of lemon…for YEARS.  But this drink snuck into my life and majorly surprised me.  Just a shot of honey whiskey, topped off with sparkling water and bam! it tastes like a delicious cream soda with a whiskey buzz. 

Europe Things

Euro Things | The Bombshell Files

Here are a few little things I picked up in Europe.  Since we were traveling by backpack, anything I picked up had to be small and light because I would literally be carrying it on my back.  One thing I knew I wanted from the get go was Murano glass from Venice.  So I picked up this gorgeous little perfume bottle. Then, when we were in Paris (I will get to this post soon), I saw Nuxe oil for $13 (!!!) I HAD to get it. I tried a sample of it once and really liked it.  I like to use it on my face at night (smells so good), on the ends of my hair and on my cuticles. I also I grabbed this necklace in Brussels from the store Brandy Melville.  Have you heard of it??  I know they’re in the states, but the first time I’d ever seen it was in Europe.  And they were all over the place there. It reminded me of Forever 21, and I was obsessing over the jewelry section there. I had packed minimal jewelry, so I was ready for a little flair. And of course, I bought a little magnet of Dutch clogs from Amsterdam.  I was crushing hard on that city and just needed something that screamed Amsterdam.

Fall Decor Details

Fall Decor | The Bombshell Files

I’m not a crazy, themed out decorator.  That just seems like a lot of work.  But, I will add a few touches when the mood strikes.  I was walking into Trader Joe’s the other day and they had all these cute pumpkin’s and squash, so I grabbed a few to be festive.

Pink Jeep

Hot Pink Jeep | The Bombshell Files

Saw this hot pink doll on the drive home from work the other day ♥


Quote | The Bombshell Files

I follow Shay Mitchell on instagram because, Pretty Little Liars.  She posted this quote the other day and I loved it.

◊   ◊   ◊

Hope you guys are doing well!  I can’t believe the holiday season is right around the corner.  Any fun plans in the coming months??

♦ Stephanie


Eyebrow Gel

I am alllll about the eyebrows.  I love checking out and appreciating gorgeous brows.

So I like to do little things to keep my brow game strong.

Over the past year, eyebrow gel has become a regular staple in my beauty routine that really makes an impact.

I don’t usually like to wear a full face of makeup on the reg, but I do have a few makeup steps I like to take if I want to look a little more put together for my day to day.

And it’s pretty easy…

◊  Curl my lashes and add mascara  (I pretty much refuse to wear mascara without a little curl)

◊  Eyebrow gel (!!!)

And if I have a little more time…

◊  Little under eye concealer (this one is perfect)

◊  My favorite lip crayon or a bit of gloss

I used to only use eyebrow gel when I filled in my brows because it helps to set the color.  But lately, I will use it sans color (I save the color for when I want to fancy up).  I just comb through my brows with one of those disposable mascara wands and then finish off with the eyebrow gel.  Bam. Done. That simple.

eyebrow gel brush

I feel like using brow gel opens up the whole eye area and makes me look more awake and put together.  My brows can droop on the ends throughout the day and the eyebrow gel keeps them all in place and looking fantastic.

I really like the Milani brand for this.  You can usually find Milani in a smallish section at Walgreens and CVS.  I’ve tried the Maybelline clear mascara and it is just a little too wet for my liking, but will still get the job done.  You just might have to dab at it with a tissue to remove excess gel.  You can also use a disposable mascara wand and spray hairspray on it and then use that to comb your brows into place.  I found some disposable mascara wands on amazon for about $2 for 50 of them.  It is definitely worth it.   I seem to find so many uses for them.

◊   ◊   ◊

How do you rock your brows?

♦ Stephanie