Last weekend me and J met up with a few friends in Nashville. Nashville is such a fun city and I love that it’s only a 5 hour drive from St. Louis.  So here is Nashville through my iphone.

First, I want to talk about HomeAway.  If you don’t know about HomeAway, it’s pretty  much “a vacation rental marketplace.” This is my 2nd HomeAway experience and it has been pretty great both times (The first time was an apartment/condo in Breckinridge, CO last year).  We were checking out hotels in downtown Nashville and they were running around $275-300 per night.  We decided to take a look at HomeAway and found a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment that was a cheap Uber ride away from downtown.  The apartment was about $130/night and it was big, very clean, and I would, for sure, recommend this spot.  My main tip for using HomeAway would be to make sure you read all of the details before you book so you know exactly what you are getting. Tip #2: book at places that have good reviews.

Okay, back to the trip…

For the most part, we hung out on Broadway (pictured above). It is a street downtown that has a ton of bars with live music everywhere.  If there is a bar with 3 floors, there will be live music on all 3 floors.  And every band is amazing.   We even had lunch on Sunday morning at a restaurant/bar and the band playing there at 11am was fantastic, so you can only imagine how good the Saturday night bands were.

The first day after we arrived, we had brunch at Pinewood Social.  This place is the BEST place to grab brunch.  One of our friends was in Nashville the month before, for a bachelorette party, and they all ate there and loved it.

Okay, quick side note, Nashville is the King of Bachelor/Bachelorette parties.  EVERY. SINGLE. bar we went into had at LEAST 5 bach parties going on.  I mean, I was actually there a year ago for one of my best friends bachelorette party and had a blast.  I would definitely recommend this city if you are looking for a fun place to kick it with the ladies.

Back to Pinewood Social.


( They had this huge wall of cans that formed a crazy cool design )

The food was beyond delicious.  And outside, in the back of the restaurant, there was a dipping pool and lounge chairs.  There were a bunch of people straight chilling by this little pool and ordering foods and drinks.  If I was prepared, I would have brought my swimsuit and had a little pool party.

Oh yea, they also had an old school bowling alley in the back of the restaurant.  A definite do.

Then we went to Acme Feed and Seed.  This place was the coolest.

I think it was 3 or 4 stories and you could hang out on the roof with a view overlooking the river and the stadium.

I believe ‘charming’ is the word I would use for this place.

Acme Feed & Seed

Acme Feed & Seed

( Yes, those are church pews on the right )

Saturday night we went to this bar called The Stage.  Great bands!  When we left, there was a huge line out the door.

The Stage

( That hand-stamp says ‘Yeehaw!’ )

There was a violinist in one of the bands who was classically trained and in an orchestra before he quit and joined the country band he was playing in.  Gotta follow those dreams!

One last thing that stuck out to me…spicy food everywhere.  Everywhere we ate, they would warn us about how spicy something we just ordered was going to be and that they, “just wanted to warn us.”  Before we went to The Stage, we stopped in a souvenir shop and there were aisles of hot sauces.

Spicy SaucesSo that is my little recap of my weekend getaway.

I would love to go back and actually see more of the city, I suppose I will save that for the next time : )

Have you ever been to Nashville?  Do you live there (lucky!)?  What would you recommend?  And what are your favorite things to do there?

I want to get some ideas for my next visit!

♦ Stephanie

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