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I am going to do a few posts about my trip to Europe.  I wanted to blog while I was there, but since we were traveling light with backpacks, we didn’t have anywhere to carry the laptop.  So I’m going to sprinkle in a few of these posts (with some pics of the different cities we went to) along with the more regular posts.

First off, Roma!

When I went to Loyola of Chicago, I spent a summer studying in Rome.  It lasted about 4-5 weeks and it was such an amazing time and I have the BEST memories from it.  So when me and J were planning on going to Europe I felt like we had to make this stop.  It ended up being our first stop and the longest.  We were there for 5 nights (I judge all lengths of time by nights, since that’s how I had to think when booking all of our rooms).

Rome Apartment

{The tree in our apartment’s courtyard and view from our bedroom window…We had to hand wash our clothes one night and hung them on the drying rack out the window like a little old Italian couple}

We used HomeAway here and stayed at this ladies apartment that was a 5 minute walk from the Colosseum.  It was a great location.  Just a little bit off the beaten path, but still in the middle of the action.

I can’t even believe how much we walked in Rome (…actually the entire trip was full of walking).  It was so fun to walk around and explore the city.  Oh hey, let’s walk to dinner…oh look an ancient ruin.  Oh look over there, that’s where Caesar was murdered.  Oh yea, this building is over 2,000 years old.

Walk some more…cappuccino.  Walk a little more…time for some wine.  How about some gelato?…are you ready for wine again?

Tiber River

Tiber River

And the food was fantastic…probably one of things I was most excited for.

Italian Food

{Caprese salad in Italy…J had the spaghetti and meatballs}

Roman Trees

{I had a slight obsession with the Roman trees  ♥}

Basilica de San Giovanni

{Those candlesticks were gold…and the bottom pic was just a very small section of that church}

And there were extravagant churches everywhere.  There seemed to be a church every corner you turned, and they were all ridiculously decked out with gold.  One of the church’s ceilings was made out of gold that was brought back by Christopher Columbus.  Kind of had my fill in the church department, I think I saw enough for a lifetime.

And a few days into our trip we bought a selfie stick…something we were initially making fun of until we realized the amazingness that is the selfie stick.  I mean, it gets kind of annoying to ask strangers to take pictures of you next to an ancient monument every 5 minutes.  And once we had the stick, we could get pics of us in front of some cool ass building without our heads taking up the entire picture.  That’s a win.

Rome Collage

So that was Rome in a very tiny nutshell…We took over 500 pictures here and many videos.  We were documenting the whole trip via iphone video, which was a blast to look back on because it totally captures the vibe of the moment.  I highly recommend taking videos of yourself : )

Where has your favorite place been to travel?  Any cool destinations on your bucket list?  I think my travel bug just exploded after being on this trip so I would love any suggestions!

♦ Stephanie

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